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This games attempts at being deep are adorable

I saw this incredibly high-rated mysterious app just for a dollar, so I decided to give it a try. I mean, why not? The beginning was intriguing, the base management is not completely terrible (although it surprises me that Im the only one capable of pushing a cart), but the story... Oh, the story. Spoilers ahead I would assume that in post-apocalyptic world people would have to work together to survive. But not here. Even when everybody, including you, does their share of work, everyone other than you suddenly becomes your slave. I get what they are trying to do, but they could actually put some effort to it. PS: 90s called, they want their plot twist back


Ok, I got suckered in by the other reviews and bought this app. Im glad Im only out .99 because theres really nothing special about this at all. Its tedious and boring. At first it was kind of interesting but then became boring very quickly. I dont recommend it at all. *Yawn*

Something different

I had never played a text based adventure before A Dark Room. At first I was a little disappointed and confused, but with the awesome reviews in the back of mind mind, I pushed forward and found a game that was different than anything I had played before. It was an enjoyable experience to the end and I plan on buying the sequel!

Simple elegance

Worth your time. The first game Ive bought at the app store that I played through twice.


This app truly opens up your perspective on life and how privileged you are! It shows you multiple different aspects on life that you take for granted! I completed the game and am very thankful for playing this game! I have never played a game that made me emotional before! Love the game and definitely recommend you play the game for yourself till the end and listen to the ending!

Amazing Game

Absolutely amazing game. I never write reviews on the App Store but this game was so amazing I had to.


Over an hour of game play for me. Worth every penny.

Words dont serve me justice

Fantastic game. Best time killer Ive ever run into.

Loved it!

What an awesome game! Literally the best game I have ever played. Totally worth the $0.99 I payed for it.

Dont give up!

The game starts slow and seems like a waste at first but dont stop its like all things in life it just takes time and by the end youll be amazed you thought about quitting. Wont give anything away to take away from your individual experiences but it is so much more than you ever imagined!

Wonderful game!

The style of the game reminds me of those "choose your own ending" novels. Its a beautiful game. I only wish the story went on forever.

Ive rarely reviewed

Ive only reviewed games that I have felt needed it. I feel that this game needs to be acknowledged as the best game Ive played on my phone. The simplicity of the gameplay combined with the mysterious and compelling story make this game overwhelming in the best way possible. I downloaded the game about 14 hours ago, and played it all the way through, not once being bored. I looked forward to each time I opened the app and played it. If youre looking for any sort of entertainment, and enjoy thought provoking games, then this game is for you. From the emotional connection to the character, to the development of your village, the game continually drives you to an experience unlike any other game out there. I would recommend this game, regardless of price, to quite literally any adult and avid gamer. A huge thank you to the developers!

Give it a chance

You owe it to yourself to give this one a chance. The text-based aspect of the game put me off at first. I revisited it a couple months later and finally got into it. So glad I gave it a second chance.

Great game. Worth the 99 cents.

I personally love this game. I have played through it 5 times. It may not have a long play time, but it is very fun and in my opinion one of the most fun mobile apps I have ever played.

Life changing

My all time favorite simplest game I wish I could rate infinite stars definitely worth downloading

Like no other game

An experience like no other, totally worth it. Much satisfaction but little visuals, intricate but at the same time elegant.

Great game!

Definitely recommend this game!

Interpersonal Journey

Not someone who writes reviews normally but felt compelled to leave one for A Dark Room. Just as everyone else says: the games worth is beyond the 99 cents. This game is simple in appearance but profound in impact. Get ready for an emotional, imaginative, and philosophical few hours as you retreat into the depths of your psyche. Im not a gamer by any means but Im proud to be a part of the ADR community!

This was the best game Ive ever played!

This game had so many emotional ties and made it so much more life like than that of any other game Ive played, I laughed, got depressed, as well as anxious! This game truly beats any other!

Great Adventure/imagination based game!

I love playing this game even after "beating" twice. I personally like text based games because you can come up with your own image of the game. I give my word that this game is worth way more than $0.99 and that you will enjoy at least as much I did.

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