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the more you play it, the better it gets


I have beat this game so many times and each time there is this feeling of happiness and success.


This game is amazing, possibly the greatest iOS game out there, a must buy and a must play.

Mind. Blown.

Too awesome for our brains to handle (Amazing game!)


The worst game I ever spent money on.

Great app

Definitely surprised with this game. Just when I though it couldnt get any better, it did. If you plan on buying this game make sure you explore everything and never give up. It may not seem like it, but there is an ending to the game. Just play through and enjoy.

Great game!

The plot is good, gives a very good sense of progress in a short amount of time. Great pick-up-and-play type game.

Give it a chance

You owe it to yourself to give this one a chance. The text-based aspect of the game put me off at first. I revisited it a couple months later and finally got into it. So glad I gave it a second chance.

The best game Ive ever played on iOS.

This game is a unique experience, even without fancy graphics.

Just finished it

I downloaded it a while back and gave up after I kept getting killed by a feral beast but redownloaded it a few days ago. I played from start to finish and thoroughly enjoyed it. Between balancing everything at camp and discovering a whole world outside of it, this game was easily worth the time.

Its okay ...

The game isnt really what I expected it to be. Youll catch yourself saying "I dont even know what Im doing" and you probably wont even find out. I dont really like it or how its set up. In my opinion, its not worth it.

The Best Game Ive Ever Played

Possesses a story line that hooks you in and presents challenges that make you want more. Incredibly addicting, but never gets boring.


Heady, introspective. Thinkers game for sure. Enjoyed completely; replaying for different outcome..

So unique - truly enjoyed it

This mysterious game was a refreshing experience very different than most games out there nowadays. Thank you!


I knew zero about this game going in and I loved every bit of it. Its gets REAL.


Maybe this is because Im not really a "gamer," but I played this game through to the end, both because of all of the positive reviews, and because I paid for it (something I rarely do), but I was incredibly disappointed by this game. I like the concept. I like the idea of a really simple game that allows/inspires your imagination to work. But in my opinion, the game is not rewarding enough to merit all the 5 star reviews. Why cant you build huts and pay the people who fill them and help collect wood, tan leather, etc.? Why do you have to kill everyone you encounter on the path or let them kill you? If a similar game was created but with a little more gray area and intrigue, I would be happy to play it.


This seemingly simple text based game opens up the imagination. Theres very real existential questions and issues that pop up throughout the game, while the game maintains a level of play thats fun and intriguing. Truly unique and one of the best games Ive ever played on any system.


Addicting game, outstanding story.


This game truly was a mystery to me. Keeping you intrigued, wondering about what will happen. I couldnt put it down, I really recommend staying on this game for more than 15 seconds, because it does seem slow in the beginning. But trust me, the 15 second wait- completely worth it.


may the fire burn brightly for you, may it keep you warm. this game is absolutely amazing. I cant even describe the emotions I have for the entire concept of the game. I am entirely impressed and this game doesnt even compare to any other experience Ive had while playing anything else. It is creative, unique, and brilliant. It definitely did not disappoint.

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